Dr John W Hendrikse

B.Com, MBA (cum laude), CFA, PhD

John is the author of the Corporate Governance Handbook (Juta) and the Valuations Handbook : Business, Brand, Company and Commercial Property Valuations (Genesis). John is an international trainer on a range of strategic and sustainable Executive Training Solutions and Corporate Governance Best Practices and Directors and Board Inductions, Skills Audit and Evaluations including King IV applications. John has developed a strategic Business Rescue Plan for financially distressed companies and New Business Success/Failure Prediction model and developed the IP for various online business, legal and compliance tools including OnlineMOI, CGTcalc and OnlineBizValuations. John enjoys networking with people, playing and watching golf (more so watching nowadays) and all things relating to sport and world affairs.


Dr. Advocate Leigh Hefer

B.Sc. (Hons.), LL.B (cum laude), LL.M (magna cum laude), Ph.D, Admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Leigh is the author of Notes on South African Companies Act and the legislative Questions and Answers publications series (Genesis)

Leigh is an authority on the new Companies Act, 2008, Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI), PAIA, amended Close Corporations Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

Leigh led the team that developed the OnlineMOI tool based on comprehensively researching every aspect of the New Companies Act Sections, Regulations, Forms and Practice Notes in relation to the Memorandum of Incorporation and Best Corporate Practices. 

Leigh is related to Judge J.J.F. Hefer, Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeal - 2002; Acting President of the Supreme Court of Appeal - 2002; Head of the Hefer Commission - 2003; and to W.J. Hefer, Member of Parliament and Member of the President's Counsel - 1990.


Kelvin Chungu


Your IFRS, Audit and Assurance Expert!

Kelvin is Managing Partner of Nolands Advisory Services Limited (Zambia). 

A Weekly 'Industry Corner' Columnist for a widely circulated paper in Zambia. 

Kelvin is a keen learner, lay economist, an outdoor plants enthusiast and an art promoter. 

His philosophy is to “make it work! however the circumstance"


Karen Eckley

CFP®, B Com (Law), H.E.D, Advance Postgrad Dip Estate Planning & Financial Planning, KI level: Cat I and IV, RE5

Your Fiduciary Expert!

Karen started her career in the banking industry after her graduate studies and immediately realised that her passion and purpose was to be there for people to lean on in their most vulnerable times such as the death of a loved one and to try her utmost to protect these people during these difficult times. 

Ensuring that her clients’ legacies succeeds from the one generation to the next in a structured and well-organized manner and ensuring the such legacies are protected to provide the best possible benefits for loved ones, is Karen’s passion.  

Karen is Managing Director of Trustees For The Future (TFTF)

Karen also loves painting, doing mosaic on large walls and going to the theatre. 

Karen lives by her son’s motto: “you were born an original, why die a copy?!”


Anton De Wet


Your B-BBEE and Compliance Expert!

Anton is Managing Director of NetValue Equity Partners. 

A B-BBEE advisor specialising in the design, implementation and management of sustainable empowerment equity transactions. 

Anton enjoys helping companies grow within our new economic landscape by assisting them every step of the way. 

Anton is a peoples’ person who believes that “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”.


Advocate Joan Hamman-Ungerer

LL.B, M.Com (Tax), H Dip Tax, B.Compt Acc H Dip Audit

Your Tax Advocate!

Joan is passionate about the law especially tax. 

Joan is a former SARS Auditor and had her own accounting firm for several years before joining the Cape Legal Bar.

Joan provides tax training to audit firms and businesses and also serve as a Presiding Officer on the Tax Board and an assessor to the Judges in the Tax Court. 

Joan works all over the country and it gives her great joy and satisfaction to help auditors and taxpayers. 

Joan enjoys life with her husband and two Golden Retrievers when not working.


Advocate Henk Horn

BA (LLB) (Unisa), Admitted Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Your Labour Law Advocate!

Henk is a devoted family man and an admitted practising labour law advocate, a member of the National Bar Council of South Africa and previously Saslaw. 

Henk is Managing Director of LabourInfo, a boutique labour consulting company, assisting all on all human resources and labour related matters for over 30 years, including dispute resolution from individual and collective labour law and also offers a cloud based labour compliance program and workplace training and customised policies, forms and procedures.