Webinar Series

Business Performance and Strategy Series

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  • Attend all 12 Business Performance and Strategy Webinars in the Series this year with  Dr John Hendrikse and save!

  • Business Performance and Strategy Webinar Series includes:

1.         Business Health Check and Financial Health Check

2.         PPC Made Easy (Policies, Procedures and Controls)

3.         Strategy Planning and the Winning Business Model

4.         Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management (SRM and ERM)

5.         Business Continuity and Succession Planning

6.         Professional Practice Management including IESBA and Money Laundering Red Flags (ETHICS)

7.         Mergers and Acquisitions Made Easy

8.         Integrated Due Diligence and Buying and Selling a Business

9.         Debt versus Equity Decision (What’s wrong with WACC?)

10.       Working Capital Management Made Easy (How to Reduce Bad Debts)

11.       Project Management, Project Finance and Capital Budgeting

12.       Performance Management and the Balanced Scorecard


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