Webinar Series

Company Law and Corporate Governance Series

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  • Attend all 17 Business Legislation, Company Law and Corporate Governance Webinars in the Series this year with Advocate Leigh Hefer and Dr John W Hendrikse and save!

  • Company Law and Corporate Governance Series includes:

  • 1.         Companies Amendment Bill Made Easy

    2.         PoPI Made Easy including the new 2018 PoPI Regulations

    3.         King IV™ Made Easy (3 hr)

    4.         3 in 1 Compliance: CPA, PoPI and PAIA (3 hr)

    5.         Corporate Governance Made Easy

    6.         Directors Duties and Liabilities (Roles and Responsibilities)

    7.         Directors Election, Appointment, Remuneration, Retirement, Resignation and Removal

    8.         Directors Toolkit, Skills Audit and Board Performance Evaluation

    9.         Corporate Tests of the new Companies Act and Failure Prediction

    10.       Business Rescue and Turnarounds Made Easy

    11.       How to Draft a Business Rescue Plan

    12.       Board Committees Best Practices (The Big 5)

    13.       Companies Act Made Easy (Companies Act Fundamentals, the MOI and PI Score)

    14.       Types of Companies: Profit versus Non-Profit (incl NPCs, NPOs, NGOs and PBOs)

    15.       Shareholder Governance (Shareholder Rights, Duties, Meetings, Resolutions, Voting) and the Shareholders Agreement

    16.       Close Corporations Made Easy

    17.       Fundamental Transactions Made Easy


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