Webinar Series

Taxation Series

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  • Attend all 15 taxation webinars in the series this year with Advocate Joan Hamman-Ungerer and save!

  • Taxation Webinar Series includes:

1.         Tax Administration, PAJA, Disputes, Objections and Appeals

2.         CGT Made Easy

3.         VAT Made Easy

4.         Small Business Corporation Tax (SBC) Made Easy

5.         Everything you Need to Know about Tax Assessments and Assessed Losses (1 hr)

6.         Managing Tax Liability and Tax Payments (1 hr)

7.         Administration of Tax Returns and Tax Records (1 hr)

8.         Employees Tax and Directors Remuneration in terms of the Tax Act (1 hr)

9.         Recovery of Tax by SARS including Judgment Procedures and Instructions to Banks (1 hr)

10.       Write-off or Compromise of Tax Debt: Correct Process and Legal Requirements (1 hr)

11.       Registration of Tax Practitioners and Reporting Unprofessional Conduct (1 hr)

13.       How to do Advance Tax Rulings (1 hr)

13.       Interest and Tax including your Right to Claim Interest from SARS (1 hr)

14.       Administrative Non-Compliance Penalties (1 hr)

15.       (Afrikaans Webinar) Inligting Insameling en Kriminele Oortredings  [Information Gathering & Criminal Offences] (1 hr)


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