Webinar Series

Valuations Series - Business, Equity, IP and Property

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  • Attend all 15 valuations webinars in the series this year with Dr John W Hendrikse and save!

  • Valuations Webinar Series includes:

  • 1.         Business Valuation Challenges, Strategic Decisions and Rigged Valuations

  • 2.         Business Valuation Methods

    3.         Valuations and Risk Assessment

    4.         Business Valuations and Tax Implications

    5.         Valuation of Intangible Assets and IP Rights

    6.         How to Value a Trust

    7.         How to Value a Start-up Business

    8.         How to Value Goodwill

    9.         How to Value a Professional Practice

    10.       How to Value an ICT Company and Software

    11.       Business Valuation Cases Part 1

    12.       Business Valuation Cases Part 2

    13.       Business Valuation Process : Step-by-Step Process and the Owner Managed Business

    14.       How to Critically Analyse and Audit a Valuation Report

    15.       Commercial and Investment Property Valuations


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